How to Fix “Not Implemented Error” in Outlook 2007?

Outlook is one of the prominent brands in the market which provides the top-class email services. But still, technical issues are very common to occur. These errors can be due to the users or due to the servers of the account. One such error is the “not implemented error” which occurs when users click on the “send/receive” button to receive or send the emails. When users try to check the new emails by clicking on the button users get this error and they are not able to get the emails and neither they are able to send the emails and in case, you are facing more similar issues then in that situation you can also read how to fix error code 503 in outlook account. So, if users want to deal with these errors without getting into any further problem then contact the expert’s team through Outlook customer service number otherwise follow the steps to troubleshoot the fault manually.

Causes of the Fault

  • One of the main reasons can be that the virus is integrated with Microsoft Outlook.
  • This fault can also come to the surface when the SRS files get damaged or get infected.
  • The third-party plug-ins are causing interruptions in the working of the mail.

Instructions to follow to troubleshoot the fault:

Step 1: The foremost step which users have to do is to uninstall the office which you are no longer using.

Step 2: To do so, restart your computer and run the windows in the normal mode.

Step 3: After that go to the settings and then to the control panel and then you are required to double-click on “add or remove programs” which is in the “program and features”.

Step 4: In the list find the office which you are not using and uninstall it.

Step 5: After this, you have to repair the office installation.

Step 6: To do that, users have to select the “Microsoft Office” in the program list and then they have to click on “change”.

Step 7: A new wizard will be opened and then click on “repair” and then tap on “continue”.

Step 8: The repair process will start and then after is it is completed then restart your computer and then launch the outlook.

Avail Microsoft outlook help from experts!

If users are still not able to solve the issue and they are still facing issues with their account then they can get in touch with the experts through Microsoft Outlook help number.

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