Customize your Calendar in Outlook Mail via Outlook Support Number

Customize your Calendar in Outlook Mail via Outlook Support Number

Outlook has provided the customers the best email client services and the customers also enjoy messaging through the application due o its easy and friendly interface. You can do many things in the client-server and can also customize the calendar to your own accord and it will make your work easier. You can create memos in the calendar, you can create appointments and events, you can organize the official meetings in your application, you can also manage the group schedules in your Outlook, share your calendar details with others via share point and many more things. But if you are having any difficulty while customizing the calendar and you are not able to tackle the situation then you should get expert’s advice on this matter without any hesitation. In case. If the issue becomes more chaotic then you can also read Ask for Outlook Technical Support to turn off the Junk E-mail Filtering in Outlook. And, in the same manner, you can reach us via Outlook support Number and they will deal with your problem instantly without any delay so get in touch with them through our toll-free number. And if you want to deal with this issue manually then you can follow the manual guide provided by experts below.

Follow the Steps to Customize the Calendar:

  • You have to log in to your account.
  • Then select “calendar” on the navigation bar.
  • Then go to the home tab and then select “view”.
  • You can select “day” to view the current day, “work week” to view your work from Monday to Friday, “week” to view your plans from Sunday to Saturday, “month” to see the plan for entire month and “schedule view” to view you all schedules which you saved in the memo.
  • And if you want to go back then simply select “Today” to come on the current day.
  • To customize it you have to select “view” and then go to “time scale” to change the blocks of the time or if you want to change the time zone.
  • If you want to change the color of the feature then go to “view” and then select “color”.
  • To view your “daily task” you have to select “view” and then “daily task list”.
  • If you face any problem in adding or changing the city name or time zone then contact Outlook Support expert team.

Connect with experts via Outlook support Number toll-free.

If you still are not able to do and make changes in the program and are having issues then call on Microsoft outlook support toll-free

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